Thanks to those of you who were able to check out the show of my paintings in February at the Anderson Foothill Branch of the Salt Lake City public library.  These paintings can still be seen on this website at ”Necessary Distance” on this site, along with information on sales and links to more information about specific paintings.



Welcome, thanks for taking a look at paintings, drawings, screenprints or blog, by me, Kevin Marcoux.  This site is a perpetual work in progress, so if you come back and it looks different, don’t worry, the images or writing you may have looked at before is still around.  The search bar at the top left side of this page can quickly find an image, text or page you may have looked at before.


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Gather, Scipio, 24″ by 48″, Oil on canvas.

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I have  put a Biography and Artist Statement with probably too much information about me that you can look at by clicking on those words above in this sentence.  Please contact me below if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, requests or you would like to arrange a studio visit.


If you are interested in buying a particular painting, drawing, photograph, print or reproduction check “Sales“.  If you need information, have a question or comment or would like to arrange a studio visit please go to “Contact” or leave me a comment on the form below.


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