Necessary Distance (show)


This page contains images of paintings shown at the Anderson Foothill Branch of the Salt Lake Public Library in February 2014.  The pricelist of available paintings from the show is here.   If you have any questions, comments or want to buy a painting, email me at [email protected] .

Click through images or painting titles to see larger images and more information about the individual paintings.



salt flats thumbnail Necessary Distance (show)

Salt Flat Tracks, approximately 23” by 44.5”, oil on panel

three sing thumbnail Necessary Distance (show)

Three Sing, approximately 43” by 21”, oil on canvas-covered cradled wooden panel    



cousins websize 400 Necessary Distance (show)

Cousins (Swimmers)  approximately 30” by 48”.


long valley winter 24 by 12 thumbnail Necessary Distance (show)

Long Valley Winter, approximately 24” by 12”, oil on cradled wooden panel


luna mesa badlands ws Necessary Distance (show)

Luna Mesa Badlands, approximately 21.5” by 17.25”, oil on canvas-covered cradled wooden panel


  lpl websize 400 Necessary Distance (show)

LIttle Payette, July Evening, approximately 48” by 36” .  




..   lone peak gravel oil painting72dpi1.jpg1 Necessary Distance (show)  

Lone Peak (Gravel) approximately 30″ by 48″.  

midsummer shadows oil painting 72dpi1 Necessary Distance (show)

Midsummer Shadows, approximately 36″ by 48″.  


inel gather yield.jpg Necessary Distance (show)

INEL, Gather, Yield,  approximately 36″ by 48″.


summer sunset websize1 Necessary Distance (show)

Summer Sunset,  24″ by 30″.


  alpenglow progress1 19 13 Necessary Distance (show)

Salt Lake Winter Twilight, approximately 23″ by 32″.


 sandcreek solstice web optimized Necessary Distance (show)

Sand Creek Solstice,  oil on panel.


torrey summer web optimized Necessary Distance (show)

Torrey Summer, oil on panel.




winter goblins thumbnail Necessary Distance (show)

Goblins in Winter, oil on panel


table rock web optimized Necessary Distance (show)

Table Rock,  approximately 35.75” by 47.75”, oil on cradled wooden panel.


winter grass large web1 Necessary Distance (show)

Winter Grass,  12″ by 24″.


. badlands people Necessary Distance (show)

Badlands People, 18” by 24”, oil on stretched canvas, oak strip frame,


caineville butte onews Necessary Distance (show)


Caineville Butte, approximately 29” by 48”, oil on panel



elderberry in respose ws Necessary Distance (show)

Elderberry in Winter, approximately 30.5” by 47.5”, oil on cradled wooden panel, oak strip frame


groundhogs eve thumbnail Necessary Distance (show)

Ground Hog’s Eve,  24” by 48”, oil on canvas



long valley winter small thumbnail Necessary Distance (show)

Long Valley Winter, approximately 17.25″ by 21.5″, oil on canvas covered cradled wooden panel




sigurd thumbnail Necessary Distance (show)

Sigurd, approximately 23.5” by 47.5”, oil on canvas covered cradled wooden panel


stanley basin ws Necessary Distance (show)

Stanley Basin South, 18” by 36”, oil on stretched canvas, fir strip frame


teasdale bottom ws Necessary Distance (show)

Teasdale Bottoms, 10” by 20”, stretched canvas, oak strip frame






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